Rail+Metro China

Organizational Structure

Guidance Unit:
Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China

Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Organization Institutions:
Council For the Promotion of Internatonal Trade Shanghai
Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd.
China Local Railway Association
Shanghai Transportation Trade Association

Cooperating Institutions:
Rail Transit Professional Committee of Shanghai Transportation Trade Association
Medium Transport Capacity Professional Committee of Shanghai Transportation Trade Association
Urban Railway Branch of Shanghai Transportation Trade Association
CRRC Corporation Limited (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation)
Shanghai Shentie Investment Co., Ltd.
Southwest Jiaotong University
Beijing Jiaotong University
Tongji University
Shanghai University of Engineering Science

• The only national platform integrating the technological development of both major fields: Railways (including intercity and urban railways) as well as urban rail transit (subway, light rail, and medium/small capacity systems).

Rail+Metro History

Founded in 2002, the Shanghai International Exhibition for Intercity and Urban Mass Transit (Rail+Metro China) is guided by the Ministry of Transport of China and organized by the Shanghai International Trade Promotion Committee, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, and China Urban Rail Transit Association. Managed by the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center Co., Ltd., it has grown over 20 years into an authoritative platform for trade procurement and brand expansion in the rail transit industry in China and the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition has showcased the latest technologies in rail transit vehicles and supporting equipment, communication and signaling products, traction and braking systems from more than 3,000 enterprises. The exhibitors cover the entire lifecycle from planning and design consultancy to infrastructure construction and operational management. Over 200,000 professional visitors from at home and abroad have attended to keep abreast of industry developments and engage in procurement activities.

Grand Launch of Rail+Metro China 2024

The 17th edition of the Shanghai International Exhibition for Intercity and Urban Mass Transit (Rail+Metro China 2024), the only national platform showcasing the technical development of railways (intercity and urban railways) and urban rail transit (subway, light rail, and medium/small capacity systems), will be held in Shanghai in June 2024. It will cover eight main thematic exhibition areas, over ten concurrent high-level forums, guests from over 20 overseas cities, participation from 250 well-known enterprises, and a display area of 27,000 square meters. In collaboration with domestic and international industry institutions and associations, it will focus on the latest industry standards and international development trends. With initiatives like the “Belt and Road” Young Talent Program for Rail Transit and the China International Railway Conference for Intercity and Urban Mass Transit (CIRC), it aims to promote innovative industry construction for rail and urban rail transit in the Asia-Pacific region and build a comprehensive industry exchange platform encompassing production, education, research, and finance.

The Internationalization Journey of Rail+Metro

2023 marks the tenth anniversary of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, with the deep implementation of this significant strategy, where transportation plays a foundational and critical role. The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway is a flagship project of the “Belt and Road” initiative, co-built by China and Indonesia. This project represents China’s first full-system, full-element, and full-industry chain construction of a high-speed railway overseas, serving as an important international example. It further implements President Xi Jinping’s vision of jointly building a high-quality “Belt and Road.” Leveraging over 20 years of accumulated industry resources from our International Rail and Urban Rail Exhibition project team, we are leading Chinese railways (including high-speed rail) and urban rail transit to “going global.”

Starting from 2023, the Rail+Metro brand is collaborating for the first time with international resources, jointly planning with Informa, the world’s largest exhibition group, to develop the Southeast Asian infrastructure market. We aim to create the Rail + Metro Asia International Rail and Urban Rail Transit Exhibition and Summit Forum, actualizing the national Belt and Road strategy, helping more Chinese enterprises to expand internationally, and further enhancing the Chinese rail transit brand. At the same time, the Rail+Metro brand, through two platforms at home and abroad, will further expand international resources, empower Chinese enterprises to connect with overseas resources, and open channels for international rail transit brands to enter the domestic market. The Rail+Metro organizing committee has already reached cooperative intentions with international organizations such as the European Rail Supply Industry Association (UNIFE), the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA), Indonesia Transportation Society (MTI), Intelligent Transport System Indonesia and the German Railway Industry Association, to jointly promote high-quality development in China’s rail transit industry.

• Rail+Metro China 2024, setting sail anew with a super exhibition combination of over 200,000 square meters, to be held concurrently with the national-level Carbon Neutrality Expo.

The Shanghai International Exhibition Group (affiliated with the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai) will combine six major brand exhibitions to present a joint exhibition area of over 200,000 square meters, sharing upstream and downstream industrial chain resources, closely adhering to national strategies, and enjoying the infinite possibilities of the industrial future.

In 2024, Rail+Metro China will be deeply connected with the second Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Expo in Technology, Products, and Achievements. The Carbon Neutrality Expo is coordinated by the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission in tandem with various other municipal departments and bureaus.

• Highlights of Rail+Metro China 2024:

In this era of change, there is an even greater need to proactively discover market opportunities and explore future trends. Rail+Metro China is committed to industry value linking, providing a one-stop solution platform for railway transit enterprises to promote their brands, showcase products, and facilitate exchange and cooperation.

• Rail+Metro China 2024 is not just an exhibition, but also a platform for industry technology and trend exchange—precisely connecting core resources of the whole industry chain.

Over the years, Rail+Metro China has worked closely with domestic and foreign organizations and associations, consistently helping enterprises grasp the latest industry developments, focusing on the newest industry standards, international trends, and forward-looking development concepts, and creating over 20 cutting-edge forums and events annually, continuously inspiring industry innovation and vitality.

• Brand promotion
• Multi-dimensional exposure
• Business matchmaking
• New product demonstration
• Industry exchange

• Focusing on industry rapid transformation—creating nine specialized solution exhibit areas:

Rolling Stock and Locomotive Components Area:

Gathers the latest global locomotive technology to promote the integrated development of urban cluster rail transit, meeting the solutions required for the connection of a multi-layered, multi-modal, and multi-system rail transit system.

Communication, Signaling, and Information Area:

Merges the latest development trends in communication and signaling, leading new trends in technological and smart rail transit development.

Station Facilities and Operation & Maintenance Area:

Innovates in station construction, focuses on serving the public, and uses smart station construction as a lever to showcase new technologies and new materials in the industry.

Railway Investment and Urban Rail Operators Area:

Highlights the latest construction achievements of national railway systems, urban rail transit systems, and regional railway investment groups, providing a one-stop platform for investment, trade, and optimal procurement for operating entities.

Infrastructure Construction and Supporting Services:

Centers on new sponge city and underground space construction, showcasing application scenarios and development trends of cutting-edge new materials and technologies.

Planning and Design:

Collects major design institutes and companies from national railways and urban rail systems, aiding various levels of institutions in implementing rail transit planning and execution.

Smart Railway and Urban Rail:

Fully displays intelligent products that combine performance, functionality, innovative technology, and integrated services.

Power Supply Electrical and Track Equipment Facilities:

Displays the future development direction of power distribution technologies and track maintenance in an intelligent, standardized mode, combining cases to provide industry reference value.

Railway Construction Achievements, Cultural and Creative, and Membership Display Area:

Exhibits the results of constructing a strong transportation nation with railways leading the way; the cultural and creative exhibition area draws design inspiration from railway elements, combining traditional and fashionable, historical and modern elements to bring railway culture back home, making railway elements “come alive” and railway culture “ignite.”

Concurrent events:

2024 China International Railway Conference for Intercity and Urban Mass Transit (CIRC)
2024 Urban Rail Transit Safety Operation and New Technology Development Forum
2024 Urban and Intercity Rail Transit Development Trend Forum
2024 Medium and Low Capacity Rail Transit Development Forum

2024 China Urban and Commuter Railways and Emerging Rail Development Summit
2024 Station-City Integration TOD Development Forum
2024 Emerging Rail Transit Technology Development Forum
2024 Metropolitan Rail Transit Multilevel Development Forum
2024 Yangtze River Delta Intercity (Urban) Railway Coordination and Integrated Development Forum

The second 2024 Yangtze River Delta Civil Engineering Summit and the 2024 Yangtze River Delta Rail Transit Development Forum
Sub-forum I: Survey Design and Green Intelligent Construction
Sub-forum II: Smart Operation and Maintenance Technology Innovation
Sub-forum III: Automated Operation System Innovation
Sub-forum IV: Vehicles/Equipment/Materials
Sub-forum V: Vibration Reduction and Tunnel Engineering

China International Railway Conference for Intercity and Urban Mass Transit (CIRC) – Cooperation, Innovation, Transformation, Urbanization

In 2017, CIRC integrated various conference brands
Supported by the APEC Transportation Working Group’s Mass Transit Urban Rail Initiative, and with support from the Ministry of Transport of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CIRC integrated over a decade of conference brands, managing the CIRC conference brand with the spirit of “Cooperation, Innovation, Transformation, Urbanization.”

In 2018, the number of participants exceeded 1,000
More than 1,000 participants, over 120 speakers, and a total of 9 forums.

In 2019, the format of the event was upgraded
The number of participants broke through 1,500, with 92 speakers, a total of 7 forums, 2 closed-door meetings, and 5 technical visits.

In 2020, under the COVID-19, “the premiere” of large domestic industry conferences
Set a benchmark for the industry’s recovery confidence with over 1,700 participants, more than 100 speakers, and a total of 8 forums.

In 2022, covering all channels, brand upgraded
Combining online cloud academy, WeChat media matrix, traditional media, and other Internet and offline activities to recreate value for enterprises and contribute to the industry’s advancement.

Rail Transit Cloud Academy – Ignite Thought; Spread Concepts; Inspire Inspiration

The [Rail Transit Cloud Academy] is an online learning and exchange platform created by the exhibition team with 20 years of experience in the rail transit industry. The platform gathers experts and industry resources from over the years, turning academic sharing into premium courses for distribution. Here we launch new media models for the rail transit industry: industry leaders clash in thought and park ideas, scholars deliver wisdom, and interdisciplinary scholars ignite inspiration.