Step 1 Basic Information

AreaStandard Booth (booking from 9㎡)Bare Booth (booking from 36 ㎡)
S AreaRMB 2,800 /㎡RMB 2,380 / ㎡
A AreaRMB 2,200 / ㎡RMB 1,980 / ㎡
International PavilionRMB 3,500 / ㎡RMB 3,000 / ㎡
Exhibition Area Description

Booth Classification

Standard Booth (Minimum 9 square meters): Unified image construction by the organizing committee, more convenient.

Raw Space (Minimum 24 square meters): Only the site, basic lighting of the exhibition hall, and cleaning of public places are provided.

Early Bird Discount:
◆ Past exhibitors can enjoy a 5% price discount
◆ Exhibition registration deadline: January 31, 2023

Step 2 (Step2). Sign the Contract

Please fill out the “Exhibition Contract” provided by the organizing committee as required and read the “Contract Terms.” After signing and stamping, send it to the organizing committee. After confirmation by the organizing committee, pay 50% of the booth fee within 7 working days after the contract takes effect.

Registration Complete

Submit basic company information
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Final Payment — Exhibitors must pay the full booth fee before May 3, 2024

Exhibition Registration Deadline: May 3, 2024

Exhibitior & visitor Inquiry
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Mobile Phone:+86 187 2145 0712