Step 1 Basic Information

Master Plan 1F

Master Plan 2F

Standard Booth
Space Only
S Area
US $ 390/㎡
US $ 350/㎡
A Area
US $ 340/㎡
US $ 310/㎡
Exhibition Description

Shell Scheme (min. 9sqm) including:space rental, stand construction and dismantling, 2.5 partition wall, carpet, fascia board with company name/booth number, 1 table and 2 folding chairs, 1 wastebasket, 2 spotlights, 1 electric outlet (220V/10A), daily booth cleaning, security, exhibitor passes

Standard Booth (min. 9sqm)

Space only (min. 36sqm)including: space rental, security, exhibitor passes

Early Booking Discount:
◆ All previous exhibitors will enjoy 5% discount.
◆ Deadline for application: June 1st , 2022

Step 2 Fill in the Booth Reservation Form

Please send your booth reservation form to, we will contact you to confirm your booking.

Step 3 Sign the <Contract for Space>

Please fill in the <Contract for Space> and read the terms and conditions carefully. The contract will be signed and sealed both of exhibitor and the organizer. 50% booth fee should be paid within 7 working days after confirmation.

Submit company details
Please see ‘Exhibitor Manual‘and submit your details to the appointed vendors before due date.
Please see ‘CMO Manual‘ for more value-added services

Final Payment– total booth fee should be made before  June 1st 2022