2018 China International Railway Conference

 for Urban & Intercity Transit

Innovation in TransportSmart Urban Transit Systems and Their Future Development

07-08 November 2018  Shanghai

Our story

Bearing witness to China’s rapid economic development and sustained urbanization, it has long been recognized that the building of efficient, integrated public transportation systems is the only way forward. By the end of 2017, both the total urban rail mileage and high-speed railway mileage under operation in China ranked first in the world, with this trend of transportation infrastructure development following suit throughout the Asia-Pacific.

China is focusing on the importance of having strong transportation capabilities, with President Xi Jinping stating last year that this is an overarching strategic priority. In seeking to build effective transportation systems, it is recognized that a global perspective is needed, whilst acknowledging national circumstances and conditions. For the railway and urban rail transit industries, the manufacturing quality of their operational components is a shining national example of China’s growing export of high-end transportation industry equipment.

During the first half of 2018, the General Office of the State Council of China issued Opinions on Guaranteeing Safe Operation of Urban Rail Transit (GBF [2018] No.13) and Opinions on Further Strengthening Urban Rail Transit Planning and Construction Management (GBF [2018] No.52), which delivered the latest policy oversight on the urban rail transit industry, including project approval, programme planning, risk control and operation management, receiving wide attention throughout the industry.

To further implement the detail of the above documents, the Ministry of Transport of China also released Urban Rail Transit Operation Management Regulations. These Regulations, adhering to the underlying principles of “people-centered, safe and reliable, convenient and efficient, economic and comfortable”, and establishing the concept of “planning construction for operation and operating services for passengers”, define policies and measures of urban rail transit operation and management. This is of great significance to further standardizing the operation and management of urban rail transit and guaranteeing operation safety, as well as coordinating relations between all stakeholders. It is an important guide to the future development of China’s rail transit industry.

With the above in mind, the Opening Forum will fully explore international and domestic industry development trends and conduct discussions around the efforts made in the improvement of manufacturing quality and the service and operational effectiveness in railway and urban rail transit. In so doing a good platform for communication and the exchange of knowledge with international counterparts will be established.

2018 Conference Theme

07 November Morning 9:30-11:30

Innovation in Transport —— Smart Urban Transit Systems and Their Future Development

Location:  3F,Shanghai Ballroom 3,Pudong Kerry Hotel

CIRC is supported by APEC, Ministry of Transport of the P.R.C., and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

APEC self-funded project registered as “TPT032018S”


1. ‘Measured and orderly development’ is the emerging trend of China’s rail transit development;
2. How to enhance capability of safety operation by setting rules and policies;
3. Analysis of global rail transit development trend.

Host: Tongji University

Shanghai Transportation Trade Association

Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai

Co-host: Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd.

Organizors: Intex Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Tongji University Urban Mass Transit

07 November Afternoon 14:00-17:30

2018 Urban Commuter Railway Development Forum

Location: 3F, Pudong Ballroom 4, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel


1. China’s commuter railway network prospect;
2. Commuter railway construction status and network plan in Shanghai;
3. Construction standard and future operating mechanism of commuter railway;
4. Key technology of commuter railway.


Shanghai Transportation Trade Association Commuter Railway Commission


Beijing Railway Architecture Institute
Shanghai Shen-Tie Investment Co Ltd
Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute

China Railway Shanghai Design Institute Group Co Ltd
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

2018 Medium City Urban Rail Transit Development Strategy Forum

Location: 3F, Pudong Ballroom 1-3, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel


1. Conditions and guiding principles of China’s urban rail transit development;
2. Strategy and suggestion of China’s furture urban rail transit development;
3. Rail transit developing strategy in medium cities;
4. Throughout analysis of the rail transit system selection for medium cities;
5. Financial investment mode for the railway transit construction in medium cities.


China International Engineering Consulting Corporation


Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

2018 Medium-Capacity Transit Development Forum

Location: 3F, Function Room 4, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel


1.China’s medium volume traffic development;
2. Collaborating operation and management of BRT system and city’s public traffic;
3. Case study of overseas BRT system demand and development.


China Civil Engineering Society Urban Public Transportation Committee
Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai


Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

Strategic Co-organizer:

World Bank
World Resources Institute
Shanghai SEARI Intelligent System Co., Ltd


Shanghai Public Transportation Association
Shanghai Public Transportation Service Center

2018 the 6th Railway Transit Vibration and Noise Control Forum

Location:Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel


1. Vibration and noise control solution for the property development along the railway line;
2. Vibration and noise control solutions for elevated railway lines (bridge, vehicles, tracks and sound barrier, etc.)
3. Vibration and noise control for operating railway lines;
4. New technologies and products.


National Environmental Protection Urban Noise and Vibration Control Engineering Technology Center
Beijing Jiaotong University
Southwest Jiaotong University


Institute of Rail Transit, Tongji University
State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, Southwest Jiaotong University
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd


Yi Duo Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

08 November All-day 09:00-17:30

2018 Urban Rail Transit Construction Forum

Location: Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel


1. Smart urban rail transportation construction;
2. Railway line comprehensive development, TOD and PPP investment mode.


Shanghai Shentong Metro Group
Shanghai Construction and Development Association
Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering
Shanghai Municipal and Highway Trade Association
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd


Shanghai Elevator Trade Association
Shanghai Metal Construction Association
Shanghai Construction Trade Association


Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd
<Urban Mass Transit> Magazine

2018 Sino-Euro Modern Tram Innovation Dialogue

Location: Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel


1. Modern tram planning and design in European countries;
2. China’s modern tram construction review and evaluation;
3. Case study of China’s modern tram construction and operation difficulties.


Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission

Department of Economic, Energy, Transport and State development in the Hesse State of Germany

Shanghai Transportation Trade Association


Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute
Sino-Euro Tram Innovation Centre
Netzwerk Hessen-China
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd
Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering, Urban Rail Transit Professional Committee


Shanghai Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solutions Co., Ltd
Hantram Co., Ltd.

2018 Rail Transit Electric-supply Intelligence Forum

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center


1. Intelligent traction and power supply;

2. Power distribution and energy saving.


China Railway Electrification Engineering Group Co Ltd

China Electrical Engineering Society Power Supply Committee


<Electrical Equipment> Magazine

Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

2018 the 5th Railway TOD & PPP Development Forum

Location: Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel


China Local Railway Association
Southwest Jiaotong University
Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai


Southwest Jiaotong University (Shanghai) TOD Research Center
Intex Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Co- Organizors:

China Railway Shanghai Group Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Shen-Tie Investment Co Ltd
World Bank
China Railway Fifth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd.
Fosun Infrastructure Group

Previous Major Sponsors

Our Attendees From Railway & Urban Transit Operators

Li Guoyong, former Counsel Department of Basic Industries National Development and Reform Commission

Sun Jianping, Director Population Resource and Environment Construction Committee of CPPCC Shanghai

Ren Jishan, Secretary of Party Committee, Shanghai Railway Bureau

Yang Xiaoxi, Deputy director of Shanghai traffic committee

Zhou Huai, Executive Vice Chairman, Shanghai Transportation Trade Association

Zhou Xiaoqin, Executive Vice Chairman, China Association of Metros

Li Junhao, Chief Engineer Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission

Cui Xuezhong, Vice Director China Academy of Transportation Sciences

Li Zhonghao, Vice Director of Technical Equipment Committee of China Association of Metros

Ramon Malla, Director Strategic Projects of Metro Barcelona Chairman of the UITP Observatory of Automated Metro Lines

Qin Guodong, Director Transportation Institute of China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute

Shao Weizhong, Vice President, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Corporation

Liu Kading, Secretary-General Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Association

Bi Xiangli, Vice President of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. Ltd.

Zhu Zhexun, Chief Engineer China Railway International Co. Ltd

Florin Marius Tacu, Consul-General of the Romania Consulate General in Shanghai

Andrey Smorodin, Consul-General of the Russian Federation in Shanghai

Tang Jian, Director National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering China Land Surveying and Planning Ministry

Cristiana Mazzoni, Professor of Urban Design, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture, Strasbourg

Akinori Morimoto, Professor Faculty of Science and Equipment Waseda University

Fabien Suhultz, Manager Director Euratrade Sas

Mulie Tarekegn Edlie, Consul General (Ambassador) Consulate General of F.D.R Ethiopia in Shanghai China

Kwan Kin Hung, Head of Operating-Shenzhen MTR Co., Ltd.

Zhu Xiaobing, Director Southwest Jiaotong University (Shanghai) TOD Research Institute

Xu Fei, Headmaster Southwest Jiaotong University

Sheng Huanye, Deputy Chairman Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association

Wang Zhan, President Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Guo Jifu, Director Beijing Transportation Research Center

Chen Zhoubin, Director Transport Division of Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission

Huang Zhonghui, General Manager, Nanning Rail Transit Co., Ltd

Yang Zhaolin, General Manager Beijing Urban Underground Space Development And Investment Co., Ltd.

Zhuang Wei, General Manager Shanghai Shentong Metro Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Yang Jianhua, President Shenzhen Metro Vanke Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Ye Bing, Deputy General Manager, Hangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd.

Steven Gao, President Metro Land Co., Ltd.

Ding Jiany, Chairman, Wenzhou Railway and Rail Transit Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Chen Zhixiong, Investment Director Shanghai Sunvision Equity Investment and Management Co., Ltd

Li Chuan, Vice General Manager China Railway (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd

Ge Xianjian, President of the Council The association for promotion of private participation in public construction in Taiwan

Jia Wenzheng, Director of Rail Transit Division CUSTReC China Academy of Transportation Sciences, Ministry of Transportation

Michael Flynn, Head of Consulting, Transport  for London

Zhu Hong, Vice General Manager, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Maintenance Support Co., Ltd.

Georg Köpfler, CEO Thales SEC Transportation System Limited Company

Shi Heping, President, Shanghai Jiacheng Railway Transportation Safety System Corporation

Philippe Leguay, Keolis International Director Urban Railway Systems Metros

Ahmad Nizam Mohamed Amin, Chief Infra Services Officer prasarana Malaysia BERHAD

Gu Sufei, General Manager Network Center of Operation Headquarters of Shenzhen Metro Group

Liu Weining, Professor Research Institute of Rail Transit Environmental Vibration

Wang Hao,Chief engineer of green city institute China urban planning and design institute.

Ji Cheng,Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway Investment Co., Ltd.

Gong Weiyuan,Vice General Manager Xuzhou Urban Rail Transit Co., Ltd

Yang Xuan,Vice General Manager Nanchang Rail Transit Group

Ai Wenwei,Chief Engineer of Dispatching  Center Operation Management Center of Shanghai Shengtong Metro Group

Zhu Xiang,Vice General Manager, Shanghai Shentong Metro Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

Fang Siyuan,Vice General Manager Operation Department Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd.

Zong Chuanling,Chief Planner Shen Zhen Urban Transport Planning Center

Fu Deming,Secretary General Shanghai Civil Engineering Society

Yang Zhihao,Director Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute

WU Di,Deputy Director General of Project Appraisal Department 1 of China Development Bank.

Zhang Jianbin,Chairman of haishen shangtong railway research and consulting Co., Ltd.

Xiang Qinghe,Deputy chief engineer of wuhan metro group Co. Ltd.,Chief expert of vehicle specialty

Luo Furong,Deputy general manager and chief engineer of Beijing rail transit construction Co., Ltd.

Zhou Guohua,Professor south Jiaotong university Executive director of China high-speed railway internationalization development collaborative innovation center.

Chen Xiaohong,Dean of urban and rail transit research institute of tongji university.

Li Kaimeng,Director of research center of China international engineering consulting company.

Jian Lian,Deputy general manager of shenzhen metro group Co. Ltd.

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