High level of specialization, highly targeted

Buyers, suppliers and the latest products and technologies are gathering together. Rail+Metro China have high density of professional visitors, which is the most efficiency approach for companies on the industrial chain to show their most advanced technologies and products.

High-connect, close experience for buyers

In 2018, over 25,000 professional visitors within railway transit and tunnel engineering industries are expecting to the show. Over 60% are decision makers and executives. We will provide you rare opportunities of face-to-face communication and an up-close experience.


Visitors Profile

18,469 visitors
Domestic visitors are from 40+ cities and regions
Overseas visitors are from 30+ countries and regions

Insights of industry development

China’s transportation network is moving into a new phase. It’s now championing the concept of “Extensive Coverage”. Over the next five years, China is to extend its network to 30,000 kilometers and link up about 80% of its large cities. China will also form an inter-city rail network across the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Mid-Yangtze Delta, Central China, the Chengdu-Chongqing region and the Shandong Peninsula. It’s not all about rail development. Over the next five years, more than half of the new or renovated highways will be constructed in undeveloped and remote areas. The project will include more than 40 percent of China’s counties. About 67,000 kilometers of national roads, more than half a million kilometers of rural roads and 15,000 kilometers of rebuilt bridges will guarantee every village is networked. It is hoped that high-speed rail networks, inter-city subway networks and airports will be integrated as an open, multi-level and comprehensive passenger terminal. The day of “free transfer with one ticket” is near.

Extensive content of exhibits, complete coverage of industry chain

Rail+Metro China is horizontally covering railway and urban rail transit industries, including urban subways, light rails, monorails, trams, maglev, regional railways, inner city railways, intercity railways, heavy haul railways, high-speed railways etc. Vertically, exhibits are covering plan and design, engineering and construction, operation, maintenance and repair and so on.

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